Robbins’ work has piqued the interest of arts writers and editors since his early installations and sculpture exhibitions.  Often working closely with writers and curators, Cameron’s work is reflected in their ideas and concerns encompassing drawing, installation, kinetic art and mechanical movement, environmental concerns, works of duration, data visualisation and interaction with natural forces.

Cameron Robbins is a prolific and generous artist who is happy to discuss his work and processes. Consequently, he has appeared in a wide range of interviews, broadcasts, newspaper reviews, critical essays. His work appears regularly in the media and art publications in Australia.

In 2010 he publish a his first a monograph – a survey of work to date, and has since been featured in significant catalogues and surveys by Phaidon and MONA Press.


2016 FIELD LINES , catalogue from the Museum of New and Old Art

catalog cover

Weather and Site, Cameron Robbins, 2010
Available to buy online


Vitamin D2: New Perspectives of Drawing, Phaidon 2012
ISBN-13: 9780714865287
Pages 258 – 259


Red Queen Catalogue, MONA 2013
Purchase from MONA Gallery
ISBN-13: 9780980805888

red queen catalogue MONA

Geometer catalogue
Geraldine Barlow, Monash University Museum of Art

In the galleries, Dan Rule, The Age, 2014
Whirlwind of art aids flood relief, Simon Plant, Herald Sun, 2011
Where the sun doesn’t shine, Perry Vlahos, The Age, 2010
My Space feature
, Lindy Percival, The Age, 2010

Small world, The Age, 2009
Discord: Art from MONA, Lucy Hawthorne, Artlink, 2009
Call that a Festival? Gabriella Coslovich , The Age, 2009
New wave music for festival finale, The Mercury, 2009
Waterfront Memories, Megan Backhouse, The Age, 2008
Unique Art, The Journal, April 2008
Tribute to a depto, Megan Backhouse, The Age, 2008
Grenda’s goes back to the drawing board, Penny Webb, The Age 2008
Changing the artistic climate, Andrew Stephens, The Age, 2008
Culture on the rise at Falls Creek, Raymond Gill, The Age, 2006
Cameron Robbins: Survey, Ashley Crawford, The Age, 2006
Artistic Structure, Arts & About, 2006
Artform emerges out of engaging, unclassified materials, Joel Crotty, The Age, 2002
Could a burning teepee be the totem to an age?, Andrew Dyson, The Age, 2000
Concerto in Blue, Trudy White, The Age, 1999
Solar Powered Drawing Machine, Holga Drees, New Observations Magazine, 1995

Dissipative Structures, Cameron Robbins, 2008
Seitouchi Art Matters, Prof. John Clark, 2010
Depot Catalogue Essay (Full), Geraldine Barlow, 2008
Depot Catalogue Essay (Excerpt), Geraldine Barlow, 2008
Contempora Sponsor’s Speech, Dr Marie Sierra, 2008
Alchemy of the Invisible, Kirsten Rann, 2003

Insite Interview With Roisin O’Dwyer
ABC TV, ABC Arts, Artist Profile 2012
774 ABC Radio, Peter Mares, Artist Profile 2010 (with Cara Rosehope)