Wind Section – Instrumental / Sonic Wind Section

June 2013 – October 2014
The Red Queen exhibition
Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) Tasmania, Australia

Wind–powered mechanical instrument able to produce large ink drawings on paper.

As the south-easterly weather systems race up the Derwent Estuary off the Southern Ocean, they hit the site and drive the machine to make its marks. In summer, northerlies spill over the museum creating a turbulent airflow and different drawings.

Wind Section has an outdoor a wind-turbine and vane on an 8 metre tower, which - via 36 metres of spinning axles and ball-bearings - motivate the indoor drawing instrument, installed in the museum next to a large window. Viewers can follow sight lines from beginning to end of how the drawing is being created.

The machine uses wind speed to drive the pen, wind direction to swivel the drawing board, and time/electricity to move the paper slowly along at 250 cm per week. An entire weather system leaves its trace over the days it takes to pass.

January 2014
MONA FOMA, Tasmania Australia

Six live compositions, together with sound/artists Jon Tarry and Peter Knight, were made with the sea breeze in January 2014 for the Festival of Music and Art (MONA FOMA).

Wind Section - Instrumental/Sonic Wind Section in situ.

Wind Section – Instrumental/Sonic Wind Section in situ.

Wind drawing from Wind Section.


Maintenance on the wind turbine section of the drawing machine.

Amplifying the sounds of the drawing machine and making some live music performance works in the Museum directly linked the cultural context with outdoor weather and climate