Wind Drawing Test Rig

Docklands, Melbourne

A framework structure, like the outline of a small studio or shed. The lower sections are in-filled with mesh. This skeletal shed houses an all-weather Wind and Weather powered drawing machine, which produces ink drawings on paper (80 x 80cm) from wind speed, wind direction and rain/sun.

The feeling of this installation is one of ‘the authorised experiment’. The viewer is encouraged to wonder if it was the Bureau of Meteorology or the Port Authority, or an artwork.

“Of note is Cameron Robbins’ ‘Wind Drawing Test Rig’, an ‘authorised experiment that is part weather station, part ad-hoc shed, perched on the edge of the pier. Cameron has done his drawing machines in numerous locations, yet here, with a busy port and busy freeway in the background, the link to atmospheric readings and the wild data it produces in a time of climate change is especially potent.”

– Dr. Marie Sierra (judge of Contempora 2008)