Very Slow Drawing Machine

Very Slow Drawing Machine
Federation Square, Fracture Gallery

A drawing instrument incorporating solar and wind powered mechanisms drawing on a cylinder of paper (2.4 metre circumference) rotating every 7 days.

The Solar pen is driven by a small motor connected to a 12 Volt solar panel mounted outdoors. When the sun shines on the panel, it begins to draw, and when it is shaded it will not draw. In this way, a cloudy day produces a kind of bar-code drawing relating to periods of sun and shade.

The Wind pen is connected via lines and pulleys to a sail, which is hung in the windy roof cavity nearby.

As the paper slowly scrolls along, patterns will emerge such as day and night with the solar mechanism, and weather patterns with the wind mechanism.

Very slow drawing machine by Cameron Robbins

Very Slow Drawing Machine by Cameron Robbins