Solar Loggerheads

Solar Loggerheads (2016) was commissioned by The Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, for the 2016 solo exhibition FIELD LINES by Cameron Robbins.

This work wrangles the opposing forces of creation and destruction through and drawing and erasing. Harnessing solar energy for the pen and mains power for erasing, this instrument is locked in eternal conflict.

The ease of creating a mark is far outweighed by the sheer brute force required to erase it. Like an antagonistic relationship playing out, the quivering sporadic pen gestures are pitted against the relentless and methodical power of erasure in a strangely even match.

Solar Loggerheads is 480cmL x 120cmW x 160cmH , made from mixed materials, engineering parts, motors, stone, stainless and mild steel, drawing on glass.

Photos by Remi Chauvin courtesy of the Museum of Old and New Art

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