Shanghai Rooftop

East China Normal University, Shanghai

A series of 26 ink-on-paper Wind Drawings produced by a rooftop installation in Shanghai, China, in 2010.

As a satellite project of the Shanghai World Expo with RMIT University, a wind-powered drawing machine was set up on the 7th floor rooftop of the Art School at East China Normal University.
Working with this I produced the series from the wind, rain, and weather patterns passing through the metropolis for 5 weeks in April/May 2010. Today, parts of it are still rotating on the site.

An installation on top of the Art School at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. In collaboration with RMIT and DIIRD and World Expo 2010. A series of kinetic wind assemblages and a drawing machine producing works using the energy of the weather, wind, sun, fog and rain.
Produced from parts both made in Australia, made in China, and ad hoc components sourced around the art school.