Nordic Artists Centre Dalsåsen (NKD), Norway.

A Wind Drawing project on the roof of an abandoned house in Dalsåsen, west coast of Norway at 60º N. Made during the 3 month residency at the Nordic Artists’ Centre (NKD) in 2013. Over the 3 months I produced a large suite of 16 drawings, some more than a week long.

One morning an owl landed on the drawing machine and influenced the drawing. Deep snø often covered the drawing, and the machine would freeze up with icicles. The drawings in turn reflect the rugged terrain, diverse wildlife and extreme weather conditions.

The  "Intercontinental" Wind Drawing Machine installed at the Nordic Artists' Centre, Norway

The “Intercontinental” Wind Drawing Machine installed at the Nordic Artists’ Centre, Norway

NKD wind  2

At 4:30 am, Ugle (the owl) lands on the drawing rotor, making a drawing below on the paper

NKD wind  3

On the upper left side you can see some of ugle’s (owl’s) drawing, in collaboration with the weather and the artist

Norskerly from Cameron Robbins on Vimeo.

The sound track is from a Skype jam with artist Jon Tarry (in Perth at the time), using live mixing and clarinet, plus recordings made during the residency.