Lunar/Solar Drawing at GBK

Gallery Barry Keldoulis (gbk), Sydney

A solar panel installed on the roof of the gallery powers a 12-Volt motor below in the gallery, amidst an installation of devices and components. The motor drives a drawing mechanism which rests at night, when cloudy or in the shade.

The drawing machine makes marks on large paper (240cm x 120cm) wrapped around a drum, which rotates very VERY slowly - in fact at the same pace as the monthly cycle of the moon (as can be seen during an eclipse)- once every 29.53 days, about 3mm per hour.

The Lunar Solar Drawing slowly accumulated over the month at GBK, never sleeping. Days of sunshine will leave dense areas of accumulated marks – cloudy days less so. Nights appear as gaps in the drawing and over the month a drawing grows, tracing the solar activity each day.

Lunar Solar Drawing Machine by Cameron Robbins

Lunar Solar Drawing Machine by Cameron Robbins