Gauge is a sound and visual art project based on the idea of the earth's hydrological (water) cycle.

A discussion between five artists, a climate scientist and a computer scientist, 'Gauge' took the form of a series of discussions, resulting in a showing of exploratory installations at 'Arts House', Melbourne Australia in December 2011.

Devised and curated by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey


ultrasonic mist over a pool of rainwater; theatre light



cloudscape – ultrasonic fog on a 2500 litre rainwater pool; with vortex


bass bubble chamber

bass bubble chamber; perspex 100 x 50 cm


bass bubble chamber detail

bass bubble chamber detail


gauge overview

gauge overview showing most of the installations


"gauge' with Tim Humphrey

'Gauge' (with Tim Humphrey)


Gauge is a visual and sound art project on the theme of the earth’s hydrological (water) cycle. It was a collaborative discussion between 5 artists and two scientists. I produced ‘cloudscape’ and ‘bass bubble chamber’ on the idea of the upwards motion of water and vapour.