Field Lines was a major solo exhibition by Cameron Robbins at the Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania.
Curated by Nicole Durling and Olivier Varenne, it was the first solo exhibition of an Australian artist at MONA.

18.5.16 - 29.8.16; Visitors (Door totals): 69,053

Field Lines presented the span of Robbins’ drawing practice, alongside sound and video work, photography, installation and sculpture that interpret other natural phenomena.  At the heart of the exhibition are seven new commissions, many of which respond to the physical world of Mona, in 9 specially designed spaces within the museum, plus two installations outdoors which were physically connected to indoor works.

David Walsh once said rising ocean levels would claim his museum in the none-too-distant future. Gathering half a ton of water from the River Derwent beneath the gallery floor, powerful hydraulics drove a pen to trace the tidal rise and fall. Inside, a wind funnel animated the wind instruments on display, while a device that harnesses solar and mains power depicted the twin forces of creation and destruction, using the simple opposition of an eraser against a marker. Robbins' responses to a geomagnetic anomaly in country Victoria are included, in one case using neon light to map its geomagnetic dynamics.

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Photographs by Remi Chauvin and courtesy of MONA