DEPOT and Binary Opposites IV

Dandenong Bus Depot, Victoria

“For the Depot Robbins has taken to the boardroom, creating Binary Opposites IV 2008, a multi-storey, multi-dimensional artwork which cuts through the building quite literally.

Like a Kafka-esque instrument of metaphor, Robbins ‘device’ requires study and exploration to apprehend. When approaching the work from the boardroom level, we enter a kind of witness-box apparatus – the old reception desk has been reconfigured as a barrier to keep visitors slightly apart.

On the roof of the depot wind vanes catch and transfer the motion of the wind down through the boardroom skylights, along aluminium relays and into large holes penetrating the floor into the old mechanical parts store below. The energy of the wind is relayed into an agitated and mobilised whiteboard as well as a lightly dancing white-board marker.”
– Geraldine Barlow, writer for DEPOT project.


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The 12-Minute ABC documentary on this mammoth project

viewing the wind axles from the boardroom, looking down into the engine bay (photo: Hilton Stone)

Binary opposites IV by Cameron Robbins

Binary Opposites IV by Cameron Robbins

photo: Alex Austin