Atmospheric Test Rig Stockroom Gallery

Kyneton, Victoria

An air and mist vortex chamber attached to a 16 metre tall chimney and disused boiler, responding to the outdoor conditions through wind and weather affecting the chimney airflow.

“Atmospheric Test Rig, an installation […] that utilised the industrial materials of the building, commanded a lengthened study. Enclosed within a clear glass case, a swirling, ascending column of smoke [ultrasonic mist] danced and writhed its way into a curved pipe at the top and disappeared into a monolithic and ancient boiler before being cast out into the skies over Kyneton [in rural Victoria]”
– Kent Wilson, Curator at Stockroom Gallery.

A site specific art installation, part of the exhibition ‘Working with Atmosphere’. The building is an old butter factory. The piece is attached to the 16 metre tall chimney, indoors below the old boiler. As the chimney warms in the sun, and wind and weather affect it, the vapour vortex responds.