Cameron Robbins


Cameron's work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements.

He creates structural devices such as wind or ocean-powered mechanical systems, site-specific installations, wind drawings, photographs and sound compositions.

Cameron’s work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements. He has devised many ways of producing a kind of collaboration between artist and nature. This is evident in the series of Wind Drawing Machines. These mechanical devices are set up in different locations to collect random wind energy and translate it into a strangely readable format of ink drawings on paper, which themselves take on the form of the storm. This work has led to an exploration of the forms of the vortex, the focus of natural energy. Cameron has designed and built a series of Vortex Chambers, in order to study, exhibit, and film this phenomenon.

Further research into the elemental, combined with his musical career on clarinet and saxophone, has lead to the production of the Steam Organ, a self-determining musical device which is built into a large furnace structure. The Organ is allowed to play freely in the fire, expressing the heat, wind and ambient acoustic. Other sound works include The Sea Wailing – a tide-powered organ on the cliffs of South Australia .

Cameron has devised, co-curated, and produced many performance events of large-scale works involving composers, complex instruments, installations, fire and sound. The Current was a Double Venturi event at Melbourne Town Hall, co-curated with Peter Knight, involving 8 artists and composers creating site-specific works throughout the building. Other events include Construction in Process VI The Bridge opening night and Queenscliff New Year’s Eve 2000.

Commissions of a monumental and longlasting outdoor sculptural nature include Meta-pier (2006), and Raphael Stone Circles (2005) , a solar calendar, in outer Melbourne.include Double Vortex (2006) for CH2 (City of Melbourne ), Time Beacon (2001) in Altona (VIC), and Double Sump (1997) in Marree, outback South Australia .

Since 1990 he has produced exhibitions, residencies and commissions in Australia, Europe and Asia . These include shows at Museum of Old and New Art MONA (Hobart), National Gallery of Victoria (International), Setouchi Festival of Art Japan, Artspace, (Sydney), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, ( Melbourne ), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Latrobe Regional Gallery, (Morwell) , Gallery Barry Keldoulis (Sydney), East China Normal University (Shanghai), Hong Kong and Korean International Art Fairs.
Cameron was Artist in Residence at NKD – Nordic Arts Centre in 2013.

Cameron also regularly plays jazz and experimental music on clarinet and bass clarinet, and is a guest lecturer at RMIT Visual Arts and Communication



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