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Cameron's work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements.

He creates structural devices such as wind or ocean-powered mechanical systems, site-specific installations, wind drawings, photographs and sound compositions.
Cameron Robbins
Shanghai Wind Drawings
Structure of Vortices
Weather and Site Available Online
cloudscape Gauge
Lunar/Solar Drawing at GBK
Atmospheric Test Rig Stockroom Gallery
Shanghai Rooftop
Wind Anomaly II
Sea Songs of the Subconscious
DEPOT and Binary Opposites IV
Sea shanties of the subconscious by Cameron Robbins Sea Shanties of the Subconcious
Six Planet Binary System
House Smoke Vortex at 26 Surf Street by Cameron Robbins Apparition
Entropic Spatial Diagram
Life Boat Reverie by Cameron Robbins Life Boat Revery
Wind Drawing Test Rig
Southern Marine Music Test Rig
Super Slow Motion
Melbourne Solar System with Christopher Lansell
Double Venturi Steam Organ by Cameron Robbins with Kate Neal Double Venturi Steam Organ
Double Vortex by Cameron Robbins Double Vortex
Nelson Boat Sheds
The Sea Wailing by Cameron Robbins The Sea Wailing