Aeolian Geogramme

A signal from the earth and wind, in a different mode of language.
Western Melbourne, a place of stones.
17 days of marks, rain, cold fog, south-westerly gales, fresh dry northerlies.
A metamorphosed geodetic mountain spirit;
a drawing machine in the landscape, fixed to a slab of white marble;
inscribing graphite marks in response to the conditions of weather.
A pendulum pushed by winds;
a weighted graphite pencil;
a mechanism in fine balance;
a deep embedded fulcrum to withstand the southern winter storms.
Aeolian Geogramme

Drawing machine, graphite on white marble.
Produced in-residence at Henderson's stone works, 2013.

Also featured at Melbourne Art Fair 2014, with Anna Pappas Gallery

Aeolian Clouds at Stonemason's Residency, 2013

Aeolian Geogramme, produced as part of a short Residency at the Stonemason’s Yard, 2013

photo 4

Drawing on marble



photo 3