Structure of Vortices

This work presents the intrigue of energy flow through a whirlpool or vortex. In a transparent cylindrical tank, fresh water rotates into a whirlpool at different speeds.

When ink is introduced, all kinds of forms can be seen, reminiscent of other parts of the natural world - galaxies, exploding stars, cyclones, tornadoes, wood grain, insects…...

This is the fractal nature of the Universe, where a studio vortex behaves just as interestingly as its larger cousins.

This work was commissioned by Digital Harbour (Holdings) Pty Ltd in 2012.

A 20 minute version on BluRay, with sound scape by Dr. Peter Knight is available on request









The 160 litre Vortex Chamber set-up using a plumbing system to allow fresh water in and waste water out, keeping the water clean. Pictured is a form created using interference gold and red pigments. Vortex length here is about 900 mm.



The studio set-up, showing the plumbing, vortex, and photo rigs.